Secure Your Vote!

Jul 12 | News

Elections are always important, but this year they could have serious consequences. Our Republican majority in the House of Delegates accompanied by Governor Youngkin in office is not enough with an increasingly radical Democrat held Senate.

This November, it is on us as Virginians to hold the House and take back the Virginia Senate. We sent Governor Youngkin to Richmond with the knowledge that Republicans would put parents first, make our communities safe again, and get government out of the way of families and small businesses. All of these things we can do, but not with the woke mob that’s taken over the Senate.

Year after year, Republicans get beat out in elections in early voting and voting by mail. There is no reason for us to get beat out in these methods of voting, especially when people risk something coming up on Election Day that could prevent them from voting altogether. Whether you agree with it or not, our long early voting period and on-demand mail in voting are the rules that the Northam administration left us with and there is no hope in Republicans fighting with one hand tied behind our back.

When Republicans vote, regardless of if it is by mail, early, or in-person on Election Day, we win. Make your plan to vote and have a backup plan- don’t let life get in the way of making your voice heard in November’s elections! You can vote early or join the permanent absentee voting (vote by mail) list to have a ballot mailed to you before Election Day.

Your vote is your decision, but don’t leave it to chance! Click here to make your plan to vote today.

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