Defending the 2nd Amendment

As an avid hunter, sportsman, and lifetime member of the NRA, Mike will fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, and the liberties enshrined by our forefathers. Mike will oppose any legislation that takes away your right to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Reducing Taxes

Mike will continue to work for lower taxes that keep more money in the pockets of Virginia families and small businesses, and out of the hands of Richmond so good-paying jobs are created here at home.

Protecting Rural Communities

Communities like ours must be protected from the reckless overdevelopment of encroaching cities and counties. In 2022 Mike introduced and passed HB206 to help stop family farms from being absorbed into new building projects mandated by the Virginia Clean Economy Act. In 2024 he introduced legislation to create new regulations for data centers and their infrastructure. Mike will continue to work to stop the overdevelopment of Northern Virginia from creeping into the 61st House District.

Supporting Small Business Development

Mike is one of the founding members, and serves as the Co-Chairman of the Virginia Business Development Caucus (BDC). The BDC was founded by business owners who serve in the General Assembly to introduce and shepherd legislation that promotes entrepreneurship and job growth in the Commonwealth. To monitor and oppose legislation that is contrary to those goals of the caucus. Members of the Virginia General Assembly who are or have been business owners, entrepreneurs or employers who regularly make a payroll, and those who wish to promote the business owner as the key player in economic recovery and long-term economic viability.

Protecting the Unborn

Mike is a devoted Christian and believes that strong leadership means leaning on that faith in good times and bad. As a Christian, a father, and a husband, Mike believes life begins at conception and is 100% pro-life.

Regulatory Reform

In 2018, Mike sponsored and passed House Bill 883 (HB 883) – the most comprehensive regulatory reform bill in the history of the Commonwealth. Cutting red tape and making it easier for businesses to operate is essential to a healthy and growing economy. This bill has laid the foundation for a systematic review and reduction of unnecessary regulatory requirements across state government.