LTE: Voting for the person, not the party

Oct 30 | News

I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. In the 2017 state elections cycle, I repeated those very words numerous times during my run for state delegate and have not changed since. I vote for the best candidate, not party, and am disappointed by both political parties for creating and driving home such a partisan divide. 

When it comes to politics, I like the notion of sticking to local races that have a significant impact on my daily life. Not being a single-issue voter, I prefer to look at the sum of all parts when looking at a local candidate. For me, Del. Mike Webert has met the majority of my needs. 

Let me start by saying I don’t agree with all of his stances, and I feel you never should totally agree with any one politician. However, I can say Mike and I developed a mutual respect during public events held in 2017. Twice, we were the only candidates to show. We often talked at public events, including a Culpeper Youth Forum and a Marshall Business and Residents Association Meeting. At the event in Marshall, we solidified our respect while mutually discussing industrial hemp. 

Although Mike is not a veteran, he has family and close friends that are veterans. He has worked with several organizations to support the needs, even co-sponsoring a bill last year by the Joint Leadership Council. 

These are but two examples of Mike’s total body of work. This November, please vote for the best candidate. 

Will King 


Note: This letter originally appeared in the Fauquier Times on October 30th, 2019.

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