California Can No Longer Dictate Virginians’ Way of Life

Jun 5 | News

Warrenton, VA – Delegate Michael Webert welcomes and applauds the work of Attorney General Jason Miyares and the Office of the Attorney General to decouple Virginia from California’s electric vehicle mandates as announced by the Governor this morning.

Virginians must have a choice in transportation for their families and businesses that fits their needs, budget, and way of life; the wants of urban Virginia can not be allowed to crush the needs of rural Virginia. Virginia’s energy grid, already straining and being met by out of state power plants, cannot be sustained with a mandate for expensive electric cars that fail to meet the needs of many in the Commonwealth.

Delegate Webert said in hearing of Attorney General Miyares’ official opinion that “Virginians will no longer be constrained by California bureaucrats. Virginians with long commutes, heavy hauling work, and growing families need freedom to choose the car they want and for Virginia to lead in consumer choice rather than follow California into disrepair.”

It is reckless to think Virginia could almost quadruple its electric vehicle sales in a single year, which would be required to avoid millions in fines starting next year under California’s regulations. Delegate Webert stood in steadfast opposition to the original work of putting Virginia in California’s EV mandate scheme and will continue to do so as Virginia Democrats undoubtedly try again in the years ahead.

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