Northam’s Threats Must End

Jul 18 | News

Our businesses across the Commonwealth have been destroyed by the Governor’s response to the COVID-19 virus. Many have had to shut their doors forever, and even more are struggling to survive in this current environment.

What has our Governor’s response been to this? Burdensome rules that have prevented our businesses from reopening. Delayed assistance to out of work Virginians.

While people can riot in the streets, tear down statues, and destroy personal property without fear of punishment, the Governor has a message for business owners: you better enforce the damn mask mandate. If you don’t, we will pull your business license.

Earlier this week, Governor Northam said as much at his weekly press conference, “If you own a restaurant or business, and you’re not following the regulations, your license will be on the line, and we will not hesitate to take action.”

As if times weren’t hard enough, the Governor is now threatening businesses to confront customers about his unconstitutional mandates or face the consequences of the big-government bureaucracy.

This is disgusting.

Also, didn’t we just have a national conversation about over-policing? Is putting business owners at odds with customers over wearing a mask and then threatening to call the cops really what we want?

Instead of sending enforcement officers to do random spot checks at businesses, the Governor should concern himself with the 900,000 plus Virginians who are out of work and facing extremely long wait times before hearing from the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC).

My office is currently working with the Division of Legislative Services to draft a bill limiting the power and time frame of the Governor’s executive orders. The time of ruling by press conference must come to an end.

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