Reopen the Commonwealth

Apr 26 | News

Fauquier, VA – Today, Delegate Michael J. Webert released the following statement regarding the reopening of Virginia. 

“Virginians have waited patiently over the past few weeks for the Governor and his administration to reevaluate the decisions that have been made with regard to their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is clear that this one size fits all approach is not working.”

“The Northam administration has been falling behind in testing, and we rank very low in comparison to other states. In order to open up and still protect our vulnerable citizens, the Northam Administration needs to ramp up testing and work to protect the elderly in long term care facilities. This is where the vast majority of the cases and deaths have occurred.”  

“The economic destruction that has taken place in our state over the past month is beyond devastating. Nearly half a million Virginians have lost their jobs as a result of the shutdown, and the arbitrary definition of essential versus non-essential businesses is disingenuous at best.”

“I will not continue to sit back quietly while the Governor deems ABC stores and abortion clinics as essential while shutting down campgrounds, fitness centers, and a whole host of other businesses.”

“People are struggling to pay their mortgages, parents are having to put off ‘non-essential’ surgeries for their children, businesses with the ability to allow safe social distancing are not being allowed to operate, and the list goes on.”

“There are several industries that possess the technology to operate safely and effectively. The Northam administration needs to listen to the owners of these businesses and allow them to operate while also protecting public health.” 

“Some of our local healthcare systems have been functioning at below optimum levels and furloughed workers. This puts the health of our citizens in jeopardy as many preventive measures have gone by the wayside.”

“It is time for the government to stop picking winners and losers during this epidemic and place all businesses on the same, level playing field.”

“People across the Commonwealth and this nation want to get back to work.”

“It is time to reopen Virginia. Lives depend on it.”

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