LTE: Del. Michael Webert a champion for local issues

Oct 23 | News

On Sept. 24, 2018, I witnessed a near-tragedy here in the Town of Warrenton. Two vehicles passed a school bus with the red lights flashing and stop arm extended while children were boarding the bus. One driver, talking on her cellphone, didn’t even realize what she did until she had already passed the stopped bus. 

That morning I called Del. Michael Webert and expressed my frustration with this growing problem, not only here in our community, but also the commonwealth. He immediately began to make phone calls and started working on legislation to ensure harsher penalties on those that place our children in danger.  

Del. Webert has also been a strong advocate and partner in our fight against the opioid epidemic in our region. During his time in office, he has championed legislation that will help our first responders and law enforcement officers eliminate barriers to communication, fought for funding for our town so that we can continue to battle this epidemic, and has been a fierce advocate for our firemen by co-sponsoring the cancer presumption legislation this past year.   

At the local level our residents don’t care about red or blue, we care about results and representatives that stand up and fight for us! Del. Webert has stood up for us, and I hope you will stand with me and vote for Del. Michael Webert on Nov. 5! 

Sean Polster 


Note: This letter originally appeared in the Fauquier Times on October 23, 2019.

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