LTE: Laura Galante does not have necessary experience for delegate

Oct 18 | News

I read the letter from Ina Hall of Marshall regarding the candidates forum on Sept. 25 in Marshall with great interest. I agree with her that Ms. Galante was energetic. I believe that her energy should be put to good use in some capacity at the county level to develop her seasoning as a potential delegate. However, not this time. She has clearly no public sector experience. The idea of going to Richmond to “change things” smacks of the arrogance that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brought to Washington.  

I am not sure what her cyber security experience has to do with local affairs. She even elevates her 4-H experience to be on a par with actual farming. As a former 4-Her, I agree that having  

4-H experience is wholesome and develops an appreciation for many aspects of agriculture and homemaking. Equating it to farming is a real stretch because it simply is not. Del.(Michael) Webert(R-18th)is a genuine farmer with all the issues of dealing with weather, animal husbandry and, of course, profit and loss.  

Mr. Webert’s responses were seasoned, experienced responses. He did not seem tired. It seems that Ms. Hall and Ms. Galante are not familiar with the sausage-making aspect of making law. The presenting and compromising that every bill undergoes before it comes up for a vote and then passed to the Senate to undergo its scrutiny, joint house compromise and then, if it passes muster, on to the governor for signature or veto. This is the abbreviated version. The real version can be found at:!hb=1&mainContentTabs=4&content=4,includes/contentTemplate.php%3Ftid%3D52%26ctype%3Db%26cid%3D90&in=1

In the case of this summer’s session with gun control legislation under consideration, let us be clear. It was Gov. Ralph Northam who killed the legislative session with no further work on gun control legislation pending the outcome of the Virginia Beach tragedy, for which unfortunately no gun control legislation could have prevented.  

I support Ms. Galante in an attempt to run for school board or the board of supervisors. I strongly suggest gaining some public sector county level legislative experience before taking on the business of the commonwealth.  

I hope you will join me in supporting Michael Webert on Nov. 5!  

John P. Moliere 


Note: This letter originally appeared in the Fauquier Times on October 18th, 2019.

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